Cybersecurity Marketing Podcast: Episode 2, Part 1: An intro to research-led marketing

Gayle Kennedy B2B Branding, B2B Content Marketing, Creative Covenant, Technology

Everything you wanted to know about research-led marketing, but were afraid to ask.

What is the role of research in Who does it well? If you’re either new to this area or are unsure that your current approach is working, how do you get your head around this vast and complicated space?

Our latest podcast – Marketing Cybersecurity: An intro to research-led cybersecurity marketing – is now live.

Featuring Peter Cohen, MD of HolistiCyber UK and Matt Lewis, Research Director of NCC Group, this podcast dissects:
-The best (and worst) of research-led marketing
-Historic and nascent words to avoid
-Who is currently setting the highest standards, and how.

Listen now!

Gayle Kennedy

Gayle Kennedy

Head of Storytelling Author and 2021 winner of the Brand Narrative Specialists Award, Gayle is a true wordsmith and storyteller, capturing the TOVs of both Velo and our clients. With a love for jazz and a bluesy singing voice, Gayle is happiest up a mountain or wild swimming in a river – in all seasons.