Cybersecurity Marketing Podcast: Episode 1: Accepting you have a problem

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The first in our ‘Marketing Cybersecurity’ podcast series, where we unpick some classic marketing challenges in this space. Our guests are Becky Kiely, Head of PR for UK and US, F-Secure, and Eliza-May Austin, CEO and Co-founder of

Join us for the very first episode of our ‘Marketing Cybersecurity’ podcast series.

If you’re a cybersecurity marketer, you’ll know that the market is heavily populated by multiple companies purporting to solve endless cybersecurity needs.

Cutting through this quagmire is no small feat and is compounded by the fact that many marketers are hindered from doing their jobs well (largely unintentionally).

To unpack some of these issues and get to the heart of what makes for good cybersecurity marketing, we welcome two extremely special guests:

Becky Kiely, Head of PR for UK and US, F-Secure

Eliza-May Austin, CEO and Co-founder of

We’ll be talking about why the industry needs this podcast, our most hated marketing words, and how to craft the most click-worthy LinkedIn post.

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