What are the best resources to help B2B marketers keep up with the latest developments in the technology sector?

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Staying up to date with all the changes and developments in the technology space can be a real challenge for B2B technology marketers.

With that said, we’ve pulled together a list of the best resources for businesses to draw on, allowing you to keep pace with what’s happening. In this list, we include top tier writing and analysis, key media titles, key broadcast media, and podcasts and trade associations to keep pace with as the B2B sphere explodes. 

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We hope you find this list useful- but if there are any that you feel are missing that should be included, feel free to drop us a message on our contact form or via our LinkedIn page! 

Essential reading in the technology market

Several top tier research and consultancy firms conduct their own research and provide insightful technology trends. 

The PWC Emerging Technologies team provides specialist advice, leadership, and insight on this page. They make technology innovation real for clients, partnering with them to ensure excellent delivery. 

The Deloitte technology hub is designed by Deloitte technology professionals around the world to help clients resolve their most critical information and technology challenges, and is full of insightful reading correlated by their global team of professionals. The Deloitte team are renowned for helping clients resolve their most critical IT challenges. 

KPMG’s technology hub helps technology, media and telco companies navigate the digital world, providing advice on how to deliver value through digital transformation and acquisition. 

The McKinsey technology insights hub offers brilliant forward-thinking and real thought leadership for those working in technology. 

For insights from technology specialist research firms, take a look at Gartner and IDC who both provide excellent and regular sector summaries. 

Essential technology media providers

Check out this comprehensive list of sites, designed to provide news and insights to help technology professionals succeed in their roles… 

Computing leads the conversation in a wide variety of technology matters and covers key developments including diversity, big data, security, CIO, cloud DevOps and much more. 

The British publication Computer Weekly has evolved very successfully from its start as the world’s first weekly IT newspaper in 1966 to today’s digital offering, which covers the latest global tech news. 

Forbes Innovation Hub features the latest news and comments on the burning technology issues of the day. 

Wired covers a range of technology and digital issues with a mixture of “long reads”, shorter blog style posts and topical news commentary. Non-subscribers can read up to five articles a month on different topics, ranging from new technology in the market to events and reviews. 

CIO provides news and analysis on a variety of topics including cloud computing, security, enterprise software and digital transformation. 

The Register  offers an incredible amount of content, covering topics such as cyber security, networks and off-premises topics like IoT, PaaS and Saas. Keep an eye out for the unfiltered vendor hub. 

IT Pro provides real-world insight and advice to guide businesses and technology decision-makers through the maze of IT investment. It’s an essential platform for all IT coverage in the UK, offering breaking IT news, along with analysis and commentary, interviews, reviews, opinion, multimedia content and more. 

ComputerWorld UK is your resource for all things hardware and software. Tap into webcasts and white papers covering everything from designing IT architecture, security, data management and much more. 

Business Cloud is a comprehensive news and insights hub that focuses on the UK’s tech scene. From highlighting deals to funding announcement breakdowns, this is certainly worth a bookmark for any UK-based tech firm.  

ZD Net offers all the latest technology news from the UK, from product launches to government policy, broadband rollouts, 4G developments and cutting-edge research. 

TechCrunch is an American online newspaper focusing on high-tech and start-up companies. Founded in 2005, it was sold to AOL in 2010 for approximately $25 million. As well as all the cutting-edge content it proves, TechCrunch serves to support industry recruitment and runs its own events. 

 SaaS Mag is the world’s premier magazine for all things SaaS and includes its Fastest Growing 1000 lists going back to 2018. 

TechRadar is one of the most accurate, simple and user-friendly online resources required to stay current with the latest tech news and developments. What makes TechRadar stand out from the rest is the website’s simplicity and the easy ability to switch between different countries. 

 Channel Web or CRN as it is known is a media website, offering insights into the management aspects of technology. Major content pillars include finance, mergers and acquisitions, skills and recruitment, resellers and distributors, women in technology and much more. They also offer their own audience research reports on subjects including staffing and salaries, top vendors and top distributors. 

 Microscope, part of Computer Weekly’s stable, offers a deep dive into news and industry updates to help IT professionals stay up to date with the latest developments. 

 And don’t forget BBC Click on the iPlayer, the weekly magazine show dedicated largely to consumer technology. Often what leads in the consumer space, inevitably ends up in the business space too. 

Top technology podcasts

Want insights in your ears? These technology focused podcasts are a good place to start.

This Week in Tech, your first podcast of the week is the last word in tech. Join the top tech pundits in a roundtable discussion of the latest trends in high tech. It records live every Sunday at 5:15pm EST and already numbers 880 episodes.

Cloud Focus Weekly, is a weekly show covering the latest cloud computing news, happenings and events. If it is happening in the cloud, they are focused on it. Don’t miss the CloudFocus App Pick of the Week at the end of every show.

Deloitte on Cloud Podcast, tackles the tough topics to help you master today’s fundamental shift toward the future of business and technology. Learn how to drive faster, safer tech adoptions, inventive hires, more desirable products and impactful results.

The SaaS Revolution Podcast brings you insights and tactics from the greatest SaaS minds in Europe and across the world. Revolutionary founders, executives, and investors openly share wisdom on attracting and keeping customers, growing companies in unlikely places, scaling globally, successfully reaching the SaaS high skies, and never giving up.

For B2B technology marketing, also check out the Confessions of a B2B Marketer podcast.


Key technology trade associations

Join the groups, build your network and get involved in the conversation. 



TechUK is the UK’s technology trade association, championing technology’s role in preparing and empowering the UK for what comes next and delivering a better future for people, society, the economy and the planet. Various membership levels are available, with regular get-togethers online and face-to-face. 

BIMA  is the self-proclaimed voice of digital and tech, representing businesses, charities and academia across the UK. BIMA drives innovation through knowledge sharing, showcasing best practice and developing talent. BIMA members are leaders in their field and committed to making outstanding digital experiences. 

Airto is the Association for Innovation, Research and Technology Organisations, the foremost membership body for organisations operating in the UK’s innovation, research and technology sector. 

CompTIA is the Computing Technology Industry Association, a leading voice and advocate for the $5 trillion global information technology ecosystem; and the estimated 75 million industry and tech professionals who design, implement, manage and safeguard the technology that powers the world’s economy. 

To support your community engagement goals, don’t forget to check the events pages of Wired, Tech Crunch and Business Cloud too. 

What have we missed?

We hope this list of resources helps you stay up to date with developments in the technology space. Again, if there are any that you feel are missing that should be included, do drop us a message on our contact form or via our LinkedIn page!


The Velo team write regularly about marketing for the B2B technology sector and technology sector marketing case studies can be found here. 


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