Built by recommendation – why specialising in three core sectors makes Velo a trusted B2B marketing agency

Paul Crabtree Industrial, Professional Services, Technology

After 10 years of growth, Velo has become an award winning, full-service B2B marketing agency. Although our values are the same as at the start, our team, our clients and our knowledge have grown more than I ever dared dream they would. 

We now serve and specialise in three core sectors – technology, industrial and professional services. We have identified the profile of the organisations that we do our best work for, and we strive to be the best agency – not the biggest – in these chosen sectors.

This focus has provided some instant benefits:

1. We build more B2B knowledge every day, but now do so through a tight lens of “how will it benefit our sectors?” We review new technologies, techniques and innovations all the time, but we now always ask “how will it add value for our clients?” As a specialist agency, we can delve deeper.

2. Our services are shaped by the pains and gains of our clients. We are always investing in strengthening our tried and tested capabilities to lead our clients to introduce solutions for their marketing needs.
Our Velo formula for B2B marketing combines integrated marketing, brand comms and customer experience expertise to wrap around our clients, all with the best client service possible. It is always evolving and improving. 

3. We want the best talent possible to work in partnership with our clients. Identifying and attracting these people has become easier. We’re looking for people with industry experience, who are excited to work for Velo in our chosen three sectors; who are inspired by our vision; who share our agency values; and are fully committed to crafting B2B marketing to be proud of. And in return, we’re supporting them to grow with training and coaching, and helping them become the best they can be, in a place where they feel valued and want to work.

4. These industries are affected by macro-economic events differently. This is a deliberate choice – not that we expect pandemics to happen that often – but so that we are well placed to ride through global macroeconomic crises such as recessions. With a focus on international businesses, our clients are able themselves to navigate regional challenges and therefore so are we.

In our business review, we’ve done our homework, lots of it. We’ve analysed the market, ourselves, our team, our clients and our competitors.  We have a vision for the agency’s future but through the heart of it is one voice that we always listen to – and always will listen to – that shapes our plans. Those of our clients.

We already have one of the most extensive client feedback programs of any agency.  We use this to learn, to adapt, to improve and to extend. 

It keeps us grounded and our quality standards high – we know we must always deliver value for our clients, all the time.

We’re openly publishing the results through The Drum Recommends service, leading to awards, new business, pride for our own team and most importantly, enduring client relationships. 

This approach has meant that we’ve been built by recommendation for the last 10 years. By specialising further, we know we’ll be worthy of our client’s recommendations for another 10 years too.

Paul Crabtree

Paul Crabtree

Managing Director

An IDM-qualified senior sales and marketing professional who has held board positions in various marketing agencies since 2005. Although he claims not to look old enough, the emerging silver locks tell a different story. As MD, founder and owner of Velo, his role is to lead the agency maintaining our quality standards to be the level that means we continue to be built on recommendation. He has a particular focus on new business, overseeing all our client relationships and leading our strategy function to make sure that our team has the skills and capabilities that our clients need, so we continue always craft great work to be proud of. Find him on LinkedIn here.