What does COVID-19 mean for your marketing strategy?

Lucie Dobinson B2B Branding, Creative Covenant, Technology

We are all feeling apprehensive at the moment, but let’s make the most of this time to complete some projects and try some new things. Creativity will get us through the darkest of times.

Today, instead of posting our usual quick Tuesday tip, we thought it would be more helpful to talk to you about what the escalating situation with coronavirus might mean for your marketing mix.

It’s a strange and scary time for businesses, in which we are all making adjustments. We can already see purchasing behaviour rapidly changing, with some retailers struggling to keep up and others just plain struggling.

I’m sure there are many B2B marketers, sales people and business leaders feeling particularly worried at the moment, as this is an area with an emphasis on events and trade shows which are clearly going to be cancelled for the foreseeable future.

It’s probably also not the right time to be running any B2B direct mail, as no one is in their office right now. So pull all those campaigns.

On the plus side, this frees up some budget to try some new things. Video is going to be a medium we are all going to need to get to grips with over the next few weeks, whether on internal calls, or on events that have been rescheduled as webinars or remote demos. Why not try out some vlogging? It’s quick, personable and will help you to build a rapport with your prospects while you can’t get out there and meet them in person.

All you need is a phone, some decent lighting and a few practice runs. If you’re not great at speaking off the cuff, try a teleprompter app like BIGVU. You can buy a little tripod and beauty light on amazon prime for less than 20 quid, and it’s a great activity to fill all that time you used to spend in the pub.

If you’re not feeling like getting on camera, you can still make the most of any extra time freed up by finally writing all the articles you’ve been planning to get on paper for ages, or finishing off that piece of research, ebook or whitepaper you’ve had in the works for the past year.

And of course if you need support with ideas, copywriting or editing, graphic design, animation or video editing and production, drop me a line. Our team have put together some special packages to support businesses through these unprecedented times and we’d love to hear from you. Stay well everyone.

Lucie Dobinson

Lucie Dobinson

Strategy Director