The Apple Vision Pro: the calm before the storm?

Matt Scutt Artificial Intelligence (AI), B2B Content Marketing, Technology

Ah, the Apple Vision Pro… remember when it took the tech world by storm, making a splash so big that even your mum knew about it? Now it’s like the gadget has turned into Nemo and disappeared, sinking beneath the waves of our shared consciousness.

You know what they say, ‘still waters run deep,’ but maybe the Vision Pro is just taking a chill underwater vacation, sipping on virtual cocktails. Maybe, it’s like that friend who ghosted the group chat but secretly plots a grand reentry with a splashy surprise!

Maybe it’s lying in waiting, avoiding deep discussions over its shortcomings. Let’s not dive too deep into those manufacturing difficulties or the demand vs delivery fiasco – those are like the crazy undercurrents rocking its boat. And, oops, did I mention those rumours of discomfort after just 30 minutes of wearing it?

Full disclosure – I am an Apple fan. I’ve been using Mac products since the 80s, starting with the Mac II, and have owned many iterations of the – takes a breath – Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Homepod, Apple Watch, and more. I believe the Vision Pro has potential. I can imagine how this will develop over the next ten years. Many of the reviews I’ve read seem more focused on how users will react this coming January rather than horizon scanning and seeing the potential when the headset has scaled down dramatically, has an increased battery life, and there are cheaper options (Apple Vision SE, anyone?).

The Vision Pro may feel like it has jumped ship and is staying hidden below the surface, while more active rivals, like the Meta Quest 3, are splashing around, making noise. It’s a bold, if not unusual (and potentially reckless) marketing strategy. I’m sure it will work out fine. When has Apple ever been wrong? Don’t mention Apple Maps.

The Apple Vision Pro and its rivals will significantly impact content and marketing – AR-infused campaigns with engaging experiences and influencers captivating audiences with VR-powered adventures. Virtual events will feel like the ‘Enchantment Under the Sea Dance’.

I am excited to explore uncharted new waters with this cutting-edge technology, aiming to craft seamless experiences. Its adoption could revolutionize B2B meetings, product demonstrations, and storytelling. AR might be our guiding compass, steering our marketing strategies toward exciting new horizons.

But fret not… we ‘iSheep’ will keep our goggles on, eagerly awaiting the Vision Pro’s epic return, making another big splash in the tech scene! And I’ll not be dipping my toes in uncharted waters. I’ll be first to leap.

Until then, let’s ride that initial excitement wave, knowing that innovation can resurface in the most unexpected ways!

Matt Scutt

Matt Scutt

Creative Director

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