Is data gathering as tiresome as it seems, or do we just need better tools?

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Whether you are a large corporation or a small local business, data is a crucial element in driving effective decision-making.

How else do we know how many sales are made or how many people got close enough to committing to a purchase before leaving the site before checkout?

Data is an invaluable asset to have and be able to use, but only if it is correct AND accurate.

What’s the problem?

How many times have you spent a long time looking at data or collected a large dataset just to think “hang on, is that correct?” or “did I collect that properly?”.

We’ve all been there and have refreshed or started again just to make sure, which can take a long time, especially if this happens with recurring tasks, but B2B marketing doesn’t have to be this way…

Our team has created an API to make our campaign data collection more efficient and more effective for reporting. The API is designed to automatically collect data from a source based on selected filters and then processes it for reporting and analytics with ease.

This couldn’t come at a more opportune time with the removal of third-party cookies and privacy updates across social media and devices leaving a lasting impact on digital marketing.

This has made a significant impact in influencing integral changes to improve the performance of campaigns with our work in ABM campaigns especially.

By using API data, we have been able to drill into a much larger dataset including that which is not available through many paid media tools by default.

It allows us an extra layer of insight to pinpoint where audiences are in their customer journey to better inform the next steps, which makes a major difference for what may seem like a minor change.

With effective analysis, this is leading to stronger performing campaigns with increased budget efficiency, getting you more for your money.

The challenges of managing data sets manually

If you are working with large data sets or are managing multiple campaigns across different platforms, eventually the data can get confusing and tiresome, which leads to mistakes in the data which can be costly to fix. Worse still, it can be hard to notice.

When you are working on a micro-scale, such as a one-to-few ABM campaign, errors compromise everything.  Building an API bridge for multiple platforms has made a significant improvement in the effectiveness of Account-Based Marketing functions for our clients.

Imagine trying to collect >20,000 rows of data, each from various platforms with multiple datasets to combine them and being 100% sure that everything is perfect with no mistakes or technical issues. When this is done manually, it is too easy for errors to creep in.

That’s why our integrated marketing team use a developed an API to reliably collect campaign performance data and other details to use in data reporting from all the main platforms.

This gets presented to our clients and their marketers to show the effectiveness of campaigns and who these campaigns are reaching specifically, whilst also giving them additional insights in to how their audience are interacting with their content.

It is insights like this that give you the competitive edge by getting a better understanding of your audience and presenting you with the knowledge to make your ABM activities more efficient with surgical precision.


A perfect pairing

In combination with Data Studio, the API makes updating live reports a more stable and reliable process with minimal room for error to occur.   Better accuracy, more insight, less manual work.


Struggling to get the most out of your campaign?

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Corey Waters

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