Mourning HRH: 4 tips on how B2B marketers must stay mindful

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On 8th September, the world received the sad news that Queen Elizabeth, the longest reigning monarch in history, had passed away.  


As we enter a period of national mourning, many will be trying to navigate how this affects the day-to-day. Businesses in the B2B space in particular must be cognisant toward their output. The death of a monarch – particularly one who has reigned for so many decades – represents uncharted territory, and as such, must be navigated with caution. In this article, we outline 4 key ways to help your business stays mindful in a time marked with national pain.  


Check your campaigns.  


If you’re currently running ad campaigns that could be perceived as insensitive, now is the time to press pause. Following Princess Diana’s untimely death in 1997, many brands immediately pulled campaigns that had references to anything that could cause offence. Whilst this isn’t a set precedent, we have already seen advertising paused by UK broadcasters, with companies such as Moonpig and Lexus postponing large-scale marketing campaigns. 


Ensure your messaging is respectful 


Social media and the news will be inundated with condolences and well-wishes to the Royal Family. If you are choosing to release a statement, ensure it comes from a place of respect. Tone of voice is key – remember that this is a moment of great sadness, and your statement should reflect this sentiment. Moreover, this is not the time to promote your business. In the words of Tamara Littleton, CEO and founder of The Social Element never try to sell something on the back of a tragedy or death – ever’.  


Put the posting on pause 


To echo the earlier point, now is a time of national reflection. It is certainly not the time to continue in a ‘business-as-usual’ manner. As such, posting on social media should be done in a limited fashion until the period of official royal mourning has ended. This is observed from the 9th of September until seven days after the Queen’s funeral (seventeen days total).  


Assure your clients, customers, and partners 


If you’re a B2B business that operates internationally, you may wish to assure your clients overseas that there will be no large-scale changes around continuity of service. Whilst many companies have chosen to close their doors, such as Liberty London and Selfridges, it is unlikely B2B businesses will have closures that last any longer than a day. Correspondingly, your clients should not have to worry about receiving limited levels of service as a result of this tragedy. 


As the sun sets on the first day of mourning, we will continue to remember Queen Elizabeth II for the remarkable legacy she left not only on this nation, but on the world.  

Alexandra Haider

Alexandra Haider

Content Marketing Executive