Why an experiential event should be part of your thinking as a B2B marketer in 2022

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We’ve all heard how events need to be more experiential, but let’s dive down into the reason why they are such an effective sales and marketing tool to achieve your critical marketing objectives.


1. Build customer relationships

Nothing is more effective for a business than strong customer relationships.  Creating a connection, a shared conversation, an exchange of energy, recognition, feeling of warmth, all builds towards trust between customer and supplier which can be hard to replicate with digital experiences.

A face-to-face relationship grown through opportunities to meet, engage, interact and participate in shared experiences ultimately leads towards open conversations, an understanding of goals and objectives, opportunity to share feedback, and ultimately shared dialogue on how new business can be achieved.


2. Open a conversation

Is it always a good time to talk? Possibly not…but when it comes to events, the time commitment is made, travel is booked and it’s in the diary.

Attendees, whether customers, prospects, industry peers, colleagues or board members, are all actively committed and ready to talk and engage …with you.  An event is the best time to discover new opportunities, uncover priorities or new routes to business.

Make it experiential (location, activity, wow factor, launch) and the conversations will flow!

Velo Live has 20+ years of experience curating and delivering unique internal and external events for businesses so talk to us about how we can do this for you.


3. Create an impact

“Do you remember when….?”

There’s nothing like a unique experience, an impactful event or doing something totally memorable with your customers and prospects to create an emotional tie that results in long-term brand connections and loyalty.

And even better if you can immerse your customers in a sensory experience by creating a meaningful event that won’t be forgotten.

Experiential events provide the opportunity to offer hands-on demo’s, hear and learn from experts, taste, smell, try a new product, see for yourself first-hand, all experiences that deliver immediate impact, results and memories (all about your brand!).


4. And not forgetting that nothing creates excitement like an event

Events provide a tangible milestone in your business. And experiential events increase user-generated content, social media buzz, peer recommendations, word-of-mouth, industry wide-conversations, exposure and new business from those that just don’t want to miss out on the excitement!


5. Integrate events into a multi-channel campaign

Online drives awareness, multiple OTS, extended reach, targeted demographics and leads, add an experiential event into the mix  to deliver face-to-face interaction, a sensory experience, participation, compelling brand engagement, and you can take your customers/prospects from awareness to purchase…and ultimately brand advocates.

It may not be obvious to you that an event is the path to choose to achieve your objectives, or what content, format of event it should be.

That’s where Velo Live comes in and can identify what, where and how to solve your business needs.

The team comprising Velo Live has 20+ years of experience curating and delivering unique internal and external events for businesses so talk to us about how we can do this for you.


Are you looking to connect your people this year? Do you want to talk about how you make events a big part of your customer experience again? Drop us a line here.


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Sam Willoughby

Sam Willoughby

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