Join the B2B video revolution and get ahead of the pack

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Video is at the core of our day-to-day lives, whether we are relaxing at home streaming our favourite shows, or searching for a solution to fix a leaking tap – no longer are we reaching for DVDs or telephoning a plumber for an emergency call-out. 

Video has fast become the preferred method for many consumers to digest content, and savvy B2C marketers have cottoned on to this fact. It is now seen as the most effective way to influence and elicit behaviour change in consumer customers.

But B2B marketers are close behind, with 2020 set to see a huge rise in B2B video marketing. Video is the ideal medium for breaking down highly intricate products or services for B2B industries, and can put your point across fast and efficiently in comparison to other forms of media. 

So, should you join the video revolution? 

95% of video marketers say video has increased users’ understanding of their product or service  

When faced with the choice of reading a 50 page manual or watching a two minute video, I’m sure the majority of us would opt for the latter. Video creators can produce informative content that will explode with creativity to really engage your audience.

92% of marketers say video is an important part of their marketing strategy, with 88% finding that video gives them a positive ROI

When it comes to video in B2B marketing, there are an abundance of possibilities to distribute and re-use your content to really bring value to your video. 

For example, you could create a short animated explainer video to simply tell your brand’s story or convey what your product does in a memorable way. This video might begin its life-cycle as a tool for internal communication within your business, but then be repurposed to present at an event or meeting, as well as distributed to a wider audience through your brand’s social media channels.

70% of B2B buyers research their potential purchase by watching videos

Making sure that you have video content available opens up a new route for potential buyers. It is shown to be the most common way that research is carried out and the most engaging way to display the information they need is through eye-grabbing, stylish videos. People are more likely to remember a video they have seen and connected with than a chunk of text.

51% of B2B buyers consider video content the most valuable type of content when making a purchase decision

In the current climate where a large number of buyers are not satisfied with the level that B2B content has to offer, video improves engagement rates which draws in a buyers interest by giving them a refreshing view. This kind of interaction becomes valuable to B2B marketers because it makes them stand out above the rest when it comes to their content.

59% of those who don’t currently use video, say they plan to start in 2020

Despite all of this, video in B2B marketing still seems to be in its infancy. With so many brands not utilising video within their marketing strategies, the sooner you join the video revolution, the sooner you’ll see results and get ahead of the pack.

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Christian Fenton

Christian Fenton