Introducing the Velo Voice

Paul Crabtree

The Velo Voice has been a long time coming and has one obvious intention – to share the Velo team’s expertise!

Since I established Velo back in 2010, we’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best B2B companies in the tech, buildings, industrial and professional services sectors.

Companies like Cisco, Sage, Troup Bywater and Anders, Halma Plc, McGraw Hill, Tech Data and JLL to name but a few.

Our relationships with these companies have not been one off. We’ve remained their B2B agency partner for several years, supporting them on their journey to develop their brand communications and deliver global marketing programmes.

From those long-term relationships, the Velo team have built up a bank of knowledge, expertise, learnings and insights. Some of this has come through error, but thankfully, most through successes! We’re still learning every day, every week, with every project, programme and campaign we work on.

Which brings me back to the Velo Voice. This is set to be our space for sharing what we know about B2B marketing and communications; what we’ve learned and what we are learning – the good, the bad and everything in between.

You’ll hear about our takeaways from key B2B marketing events. You’ll get our thoughts on B2B best practices and trends on everything from UX to ABM, CRO to SEO – whatever the latest acronym is!

We’ll also share behind-the-scenes insights on how we achieved success on shoots, campaigns, brand transformations, creative and web projects.

Every member of our multi-disciplinary team will be contributing to the Velo Voice “cause”; from our video and creative studio to our development experts, our client services leaders to our marketing strategists, our comms specialists to our content producers and copy writers.

I’ll even be regularly chiming in to share my thinking (could be dangerous!) and experiences as well as my two cents on I’m what seeing and observing in B2B.

Hopefully, every post will deliver something of value to anyone seeking inspiration or validation on B2B marketing and comms practices. At the very least, we’ll try to bring a smile to your face with some quick wit and well, perhaps even the odd god-awful pun.

Stay tuned and enjoy!

Paul Crabtree

Paul Crabtree

Managing Director
Leads the strategic services for the agency, PC is a hands-on agency owner working directly with Velo clients day-in, day-out!