Why B2B technology, industrial and professional services businesses choose WordPress

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WordPress powers 35% of the 1.3 billion websites on the internet today (W3Techs, 2020 and Netcraft 2019). This means that a colossal 455 million websites are built on WordPress. It has become the most popular CMS, and for good reason. There’s virtually nothing that WordPress can’t do.

B2B businesses of all sizes are built on WordPress, from the very small and niche to large corporates like Reuters and UBS (WP, 2020). Here are the six top reasons that Velo recommends WordPress.

  1. It’s ridiculously user-friendly

WordPress is very easy to use. You could probably learn how to manage your whole website in less than a day (if you’re tech-savvy) and a couple of days (if you’re not so tech-savvy).

This is because it doesn’t require users to have any coding experience. You can manage emails, web forms, users and menus without writing any code. There is also a built-in search functionality so if you’re really lost you can search for a specific page or post.

  1. It’s open-source (with a huge community)

WordPress is ‘open source’ software, which enables people to use and alter it in any way they want to. This is hugely beneficial as it means that there are a lot of resources available.

The WordPress community has developed tons of great extensions for B2B businesses, which are available for anyone to access and use. It’s very rare to find a problem with WordPress that hasn’t already got a solution, and being open source, the software is regularly updated by developers which benefits all users.

  1. It’s scalable

WordPress will equally work for a small B2B manufacturer of industrial products, as it will a multinational property business with multiple websites and sub-brands; the scalability of WordPress is incredible.

The ability to build on what you’ve already got makes it a great choice for businesses who want the option to add and change elements further down the line. If you see growth/change in your future, make sure you choose a CMS that can accommodate it.

  1. Its ‘Themes’ mean almost anything is possible

WordPress Themes can change the look of your website in an instant. You could give your website a different look every day if you wanted to, without needing to code anything. Themes are tailored to specific markets so you can choose a theme that’s relevant for your business sector.

But Themes are powerful beyond design. For example, if you get a custom theme built for your website you can choose to have more than one navigation menu or have more than one sidebar. That’s the beauty of WordPress; almost anything is possible.

  1. … and then there are Plugins

WordPress plugins have multiple uses. They can:

  • Add functionality to your website;
  • Help improve your SEO;
  • Keep your site backed up;
  • And much more.

Some of the best B2B website plugins include Yoast SEO, which will prompt you to follow SEO best practices in order to improve your search engine optimization and Contact Form 7 which helps you create and manage web forms.

  1. It has built-in security

Most websites are compromised because they don’t follow basic security practices like:

  • Keeping plugins and themes updated;
  • Choosing plugins from a reputable source;
  • Using SFTP instead of FTP;
  • Using strong passwords;
  • Using SSH keys;
  • Using the latest technologies e.g. PHP 7+

WordPress has tools in place to ensure these best practices are followed, protecting your website against hackers.

In Velo’s opinion, WordPress in 2020 is by far the best CMS technology to use. It’s been growing since 2003 and is still growing today. The fact that it costs nothing to use is a bonus.

At Velo, we have a number of WordPress experts ready to answer your questions and support clients as they learn to navigate this dominant CMS. If you’d like to know more about WordPress and what it could do for your business, get in touch.


Basir Rahimi

Basir Rahimi