Velo recognised in Campaign Magazine’s Best Places to Work

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It is particularly pleasing to be recognised in Campaign’s Best Places to Work awards in April 2023. This is a major achievement for Velo as this award considers everyone in Adland.

Fellow winners include media companies like Channel 4, massive advertising groups like Havas, technology platforms like Stackadapt and Taboola and industry associations such as the IAB.

It is a very competitive field. And one that we’re proud to be amongst.

More importantly, it is all based on all of our team’s feedback. Our growth strategy is to be built on recommendation, and there is no better demonstration of this than this award.

As an agency, we’re committed to being a place where the best talent wants to work and grow. We know they will not stay forever though – we are not a cult, after all, and we know that most of our team will move on in time. Our purpose is to grow them as B2B heroes so that each and every one of them will have advanced in their career in their time with us.

This is down to our team and our inclusive culture that places wellbeing at its heart, wrapped in quality standards that mean we craft B2B marketing to be proud of.

We work hard at this, and you can see what steps we’ve taken in our latest ESG report, from where we’ve highlighted the points below.

A diverse team

Velo is more diverse than the UK population, with a smaller gender gap (3.3%) than other Adland companies who publish their stats (15.3%).

Growth and development

In our internal surveys, everyone states that they have developed in their time with Velo, with 83% attending internal training and 71% receiving coaching or mentoring. This is in addition to providing entry points into the industry in our early talent program.

No compromise on wellbeing

We have built a tailored program of wellbeing support for all. This includes – but is not limited to – our annual Miles of Smiles team-building event and consistent monitoring of staff stress levels.

A happy team is a productive team

Velo has the highest Glassdoor rating of any B2B agency (4.7), which is matched by staff satisfaction of 83% and an overall eNPS of 71%. This means we enjoy staff turnover levels of less than half the industry average as reported by the IPA.

You can read more in our ESG report or if you could be tempted to join the Velo team, our open positions are here.

We’re proud of this achievement, but we know that it is only a start. Getting to the top is only relevant if you can stay there. There is more to do. There always is.

Elizabeth Reynolds-Horne

Elizabeth Reynolds-Horne

Libby leads our teams who run the advocacy programs for a number of our clients.