Video podcast: The Importance of Always-On in ABM

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In early December, I had the opportunity to sit down with James Rostance from The 414 Live – a live LinkedIn video stream and podcast dedicated to discussing all things B2B marketing. My topic of choice was one I’m very passionate about (ask anyone in the office or any of my clients!).

Said topic? The importance of always-on activities in ABM.

Account-based marketing is a strategy that’s being widely adopted across the B2B industry. It ensures focused marketing, with all budget, time and resource concentrated on a specific list of accounts that you want to win. However, the most common execution of ABM centres around running blast campaigns and attending exhibitions and events throughout the year.

This, unfortunately, leaves a lot to chance when trying to win or retain specific accounts. In my interview with The 414 I explain why this is so, using a favourite analogy of mine (clients of mine, this one should be familiar to you!):

“Relying solely on campaigns and events to win target accounts is like sending your best people out to the prime fishing spots a couple of times a year to catch that prize fish. They may be successful but a lot is riding on each of those trips which means a lot is left to chance”.

Where your ABM strategy encompasses targeted campaigns and attendance or exhibitions at key industry events alongside a programme of always-on activity, a much higher rate of success can be observed. Account win rates are higher, lead time is reduced and ROI is more cost-effective. These activities include tactics and initiatives like search, social, content marketing, e-mail marketing, third party advertising and features, display advertising, etc.  With year-round visibility, the likelihood of winning a key account significantly increases.

Why? That’s where the second part of my fishing analogy comes in:

“Those that are out fishing every week, perhaps at more low key fishing spots as well as at the prime spots a couple of times a year… They are the ones who—if I was hedging my bets—would be most likely to catch the prize fish, as little is left to chance”.

Learn more about what a “good” always-on ABM programme should look like, and how you can get buy-in, avoid critical mistakes and ultimately shape an ABM strategy destined to deliver greater ROI by watching my full interview below:


Yvonne Deegan

Yvonne Deegan

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