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17th August 2022

Sam Willoughby

B2B Content Marketing // B2B Events // Industrial // Professional Services // Technology

How events have become a crucial part of B2B content marketing strategy

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22nd June 2022

Corey Waters

B2B Branding // B2B Content Marketing // Technology

What are the best resources to help B2B marketers keep up with the latest developments in the technology sector?

An essential resource list of news sites, blogs, podcasts, trade associations, events and more for marketing professionals working in the technology sector.

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20th June 2022

Gayle Kennedy

B2B Content Marketing // B2B Creative // B2B Storytelling // B2B Strategy // Industrial // Professional Services // Technology

Creative takes the spotlight! What B2B marketers need to know…

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21st April 2022

Elizabeth Reynolds-Horne

B2B Branding // B2B Content Marketing // Customer Experience // Technology

Why successful B2B technology companies are investing in customer success stories – and how you can too

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14th April 2022

Paul Crabtree

B2B Branding // B2B Storytelling // B2B Strategy // Technology

B2B technology companies should include sustainability messaging as part of your brand positioning. But how?

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21st March 2022

Diwakar Redhu

B2B Campaigns // B2B Content Marketing // Technology

What does the rise in Connected TVs mean for B2B marketers? Is this a new channel to be considered?

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10th March 2022

Louise Mantle

ABM Programs // B2B Campaigns // MarTech // Technology

Unlocking the full potential of Marketo for B2B marketing

This article outlines some of the best ways we’ve found in unlocking the full potential of Marketo for B2B marketing.

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18th January 2022

Paul Crabtree

ABM Programs // B2B Campaigns // Customer Experience // Technology

What are the top marketing challenges facing technology businesses and how to fix them?

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3rd December 2021

Paul Crabtree

B2B Branding // B2B Content Marketing // Professional Services // Technology

Are changes in the HR space evolving the way products and services will be bought and sold forever?

Velo is recognising significant changes in how buyers research, select and procure B2B services and none-more so than around HR services where roles, responsibilities, priorities and challenges have changed completely in comparison to pre-covid times.

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23rd November 2021

Corey Waters

B2B Campaigns // B2B Marketing // Technology

Is data gathering as tiresome as it seems, or do we just need better tools?

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