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21st April 2022

Elizabeth Reynolds-Horne

Brand Comms // Content Marketing // Customer Experience // Technology

Why successful B2B technology companies are investing in customer success stories – and how you can too

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14th April 2022

Paul Crabtree

Brand Comms // Technology

B2B technology companies should include sustainability messaging as part of your brand positioning. But how?

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25th March 2022

Gayle Kennedy

Brand // Brand Building // Brand Comms // Brand Strategy

Brand marketing is back! What B2B marketers need to know…

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23rd February 2022

Paul Crabtree

Brand Comms // Customer Advocacy // Customer Experience // Sage

Social media sharing is about the who, not the what: An advocate marketer’s perspective

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16th February 2022

Paul Crabtree

Brand Comms // Customer Experience // Sage

Why proper customer advocacy programs need to be more than just customer stories in b2b marketing

In a world where more and more buyer research is conducted online, they are a valuable part of the B2B marketer’s tool kit, offering real, tangible authenticity to a companies’ claims when they are developed and used correctly.

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4th February 2022

Matt Scutt

Brand Comms

Building a B2B brand identity to be proud of – the importance of clarity, coherence, relevance and consistency

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7th January 2022

Paul Crabtree

Brand Comms // Industrial // Integrated Marketing

What are the 5 main challenges for b2b industrial marketing?

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3rd December 2021

Paul Crabtree

Brand Comms // Content Marketing // HR // Technology

Are changes in the HR space evolving the way products and services will be bought and sold forever?

Velo is recognising significant changes in how buyers research, select and procure B2B services and none-more so than around HR services where roles, responsibilities, priorities and challenges have changed completely in comparison to pre-covid times.

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15th November 2021

Nick Taylor

Brand Comms // Customer Experience // Integrated Marketing // Understanding Customers

Why do b2b marketers need to go much deeper to understand their customers? Making the case for expanded Buyer Personas.

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30th September 2021

Rene Power

Brand Comms // Content Marketing // Customer Experience

Crafting creating and engaging storytelling for B2B marketing. Part 3: Specifics of making your storytelling resonate.

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